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Nurturing Tradition, Crafting Excellence in Premium Beef

At 1880 Beef, the rich legacy of our heritage continues. Owners Andy & Sara Larson are excited to share the premium beef the Larson family has dedicated generations to perfecting. Situated near Manhattan, Kansas, a historic hub of premium beef production, we are deeply rooted in the heart of the majestic Flint Hills. This region, renowned for its lush native grasses, thrives with the echoes of history, making it a natural choice for us to nurture and grow our premium beef.

Our journey spans seven generations, where our family-owned and operated ranch has been a steadfast source of tradition and quality. From conception to completion , our premium beef cattle are meticulously cared for across our lush native prairieland and fed  within our family's own feeding facility, guaranteeing attention to a detailed and quality  finishing period that utilizes corn for a minimum of 120 days to create a truly mouthwatering premium beef experience full of flavor and tenderness.

To complete our commitment to delivering the finest premium beef products, we collaborate with local USDA licensed facilities. Here, each side of beef undergoes the art of aging and expert craftsmanship, transforming into delectable cuts and steaks ready to grace tables nationwide.

Our herd carries a genetic heritage that’s rooted in the rich history of Kansas. Generations of meticulous attention to beef improvement is behind each tender, flavorful, and captivating premium beef cut designed to enhance our customers experience.

We invite you to taste the heritage, the dedication, and the mouthwatering tradition that is 1880 Beef! Contact us today to discover the exceptional flavors of our legacy and explore our premium beef purchase options.

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Andy Larson, Owner
Sara Larson, CEO
Andy, Sara, and Clara Larson


To finalize our beef offering we partner with local USDA licensed locations to deliver aged and expertly crafted beef and steaks ready to be enjoyed across the nation. All our final beef products are awarded the distinction of being moved through a grass fed and grain finished program. Products and creations offered through 1880 Beef retain a portion of genetics that reach into the pioneer history of KS.  Generations of attention to genetics and beef improvement have shaped our products to be a tender, delicious and exciting eating experience.  

1880 BEEF

Our continued commitment to premium trait selection and a consistent mouthwatering eating experience drives our company and our focus on creating a product of excellence.